Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guest blog at Jungle Red Writers, tour dates, local bestseller list!

I've been guest blogging this morning over at Jungle Red Writers, a six-woman crew (Rhys Bowen, Jan Brogan, Hallie Ephron, Rosemary Harris, Roberta Isleib, and Hank Phillipi Ryan), who provide some of the liveliest discussion in the mystery world. My guest piece is about what I have to know to begin writing a crime novel. I'm VERY curious to know how other writers work, so stop by and contribute to the discussion if you can...
Ruth Rendell, speaking at Bouchercon in Las Vegas, was asked whether she always knew who the killer was before she started writing a novel. "Oh, yes, I always know," she said, in her wonderfully plummy English voice. "And then I change it."
On the road now in Chicago, going to the great Centuries and Sleuths bookstore this afternoon, and then on to The Little Read Book in Wauwautosa, WI tomorrow. Then it's on to Cleveland, Buffalo, Philadelphia, New York, Connecticut, Boston, Providence, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Dates are posted on the website, with more coming soon... 

And thanks to everybody in the Twin Cities for putting me on the Star Tribune's local bestsellers list for two weeks in a row!

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