Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Northern Lights - Music for Winter!

Just found this very interesting album featuring a blend of Irish and Scandinavian music from Lorcán Mac Mathúna and friends. Here's a bit from their website:

Like their landscapes, the music of Ireland and Scandinavia are spectacular, inspiring, and very different to each other. Northern Lights brings “Songs of the Fjord and Glen,” an exploration of Irish and Scandinavian traditional songs and dance music that connects a vast musical landscape. This performance evokes everything between the ice of the North sea and the warmth of Irish summer pastures, in search of a deeper understanding of the things that unite us all.

Northern Lights is a blending of Norse and Irish: sagas, stories, soundscapes, cultural flavours and perspectives, through a meeting of their music and songs. It is a project of Lorcán Mac Mathúna (voice, whistle), Raphael De Cock (voice, pipes, siberian harp, shrutti, hardanger fiddle, jews harp), and James Mahon (uillean pipes, whistle flutes). 

To find out a little more on the background and theme of the project visit the Northern Lights website.

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