Friday, April 13, 2012

Comic Song Tradition in Ireland

The comic song is a longstanding tradition in Ireland, from the legendary days when poets could compose songs featuring satire that could kill—or was at least strong enough to strip paint! 

In recent years, great songs have been written to commemorate the rash of moving statues of the Virgin in County Cork, various outrages and sporting events.

Radio host Paula Carroll has put together a great documentary on the Irish comic song tradition. The program focuses on some of the best  contemporary comic songmakers in the traditional idiom, featuring the songs of Michael Marrinan, Sean Mone, Robbie McMahon, Tim Lyons, Con O'Drisceoil and Brian O'Rourke.

You can have a listen to it here:

Originally broadcast on Clare FM.

Produced by Paula Carroll with sound supervison by Tracy Maloney.

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